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The Future of The Early-Stage Founder

Subscribe on iTunes After nearly 100 episodes, it’s time for a change. Going forward, we’re focusing on the challenges founders face as their team scales. From topics like hiring and training to building systems, we’ll cover what it takes to become an Effective Founder. Where to learn more: I'll be taking a breaking for the […]


Andrew Warner on How to Generate More Leads with Chat Bots

Subscribe on iTunes Today, I’m talking with Andrew Warner, the Founder of Mixergy, where the ambitious learn from a mix of experienced mentors through interviews and courses, and most recently the Founder of, a site built to teach marketers how to generate more leads and close sales with chat bots. Andrew was one of […]


Patrick McKenzie on Why Your Startup Needs to Charge More

Subscribe on iTunes Today, I’m talking with Patrick McKenzie, the founder of Bingo Card Creator and Appointment Reminder, two profitable SaaS businesses that he sold within the last few years and has since been working on content and communications at Stripe Atlas. In addition to all that, Patrick is also a prolific blogger and Hacker […]


Kyle Gray on Driving Growth with the Harvest Method

Subscribe on iTunes Today, I’m talking with Kyle Gray, the author of The Story Engine, a busy entrepreneur’s guide to content strategy and brand storytelling without spending all day writing. I first came across Kyle years ago when he was building and managing WPCurve’s blog and the content he and his team of writers were […]


Brennan Dunn on Growing Your Startup with Smart Personalization

Subscribe on iTunes Today, I’m talking with Brennan Dunn, the Co-Founder of RightMessage, a SaaS startup that makes it easy to capture more sales without driving more traffic by speaking directly to the person reading your website. If your salesperson made the exact same pitch to every single prospect, you’d probably fire them, right? So […]


Max van den Ingh on Going from $0 to $150k MRR in 150 days

Subscribe on iTunes Today, I’m talking with Max Van Den Ingh, the Head of Growth at MisterGreen Direct, a company that changes the way consumers lease electric cars by removing the headaches and simplifying the process down to 5-minutes. Max and his team built MisterGreen Direct from $0 to $150k MRR in 150 days. Yes, […]